The EsNa is the name of a universe.


The universe was created when four infinite particles - Es, Na, Kas, and Oro - spontaneously created from nothing. They were complete four-way opposites. If they ever were to all come together again they would cancel each other out and the universe would end, since it is made entirely of them.

First, Es created time.

Immediately after time began, Kas and Oro came together. Since they were not true opposites they did not entirely annihilate one another. Their infinities were turned to nothing, and what was left over was a weak "soup" of energy, called KasOro.

Next, Na created space; first an infinite plain, which was flat and had a fixed vertical height, but which stretched forever in all directions horizontally; second pillars, piercing the plain, placed randomly.

Within the pillars there was an up and a down. Travelling downwards for long enough, you would arrive at the top and come back to where you started.

The places where the pillars intersected the plain were called nexi. It was in these spots that Es and Na (independently) created matter. For now, the matter fell downwards endlessly, cycling the lengths of the pillars.

The final creation of Es and Na (independently) was life. Using the KasOro and the randonmess within, they created beings. It should be noted that even though space is infinite, the lifeforms within are finite in number, since they are based on finite KasOro.

Nexus A

Nexus A is the nexus where Na created the beings called (by the Rimeos) Valisor, Dzeder, Mokan and Egiun, and Es created those called Nalus, Ri and Izmad.